The largest electric vehicle charging network in Slovakia and Poland

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GreenWay Provides

Nationwide Coverage

GreenWay's comprehensive, nationwide network of fast chargers allows you to travel throughout Slovakia from Bratislava to Kosice and many points in between.

Customer Service

Customer service is our #1 priority. It is our objective to provide you with an exemplary electric mobility experience.


We deploy top of the line, cutting edge technology and we ensure it works, so you are able to have the best experience possible.

Summer Campaign!

€15 credit for all registered members €10 welcome credit for all new users July 4-Aug 31, 2018

Easy to Access Charging Locations

We do our best to locate our charging stations as conveniently as possible, near  motorways and major roads or popular destinations and with access from multiple directions.

24/7 Customer Support

Things happen and sometimes a quick phone call with a knowledgeable technician can solve it quickly. Our dispatch number is reachable 24/7, to provide any support you need to power you on your journey. But beware the spouses of our dispatchers for those 2 AM calls...

Premier Charging Technology

We pride ourselves on supplying the best, most advanced technology available to our customers. We now offer GridBooster - battery assisted fast charging - and soon will deploy Ultrafast charging stations supporting the latest vehicles with up to 350 kWh. Our customers know they will not be left behind the technological curve.

An Excellent Customer Experience

Our goal is to provide you with a fantastic electric mobility experience, not just a quick charge and you are on your way. We are constantly evaluating the latest offerings and applications to enhance your experience, such as mapping services, and more.

Get Started

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Signing up takes 2 minutes and is free of charge. Just fill out the registration form and we will create your account and confirm your registration.

Receive your charge card

2 Receive your charge card

After successfully registering a GreenWay charge card will be mailed to your address. This card provides easy and effective identification and allows you to charge quickly and easily at our stations. In the meantime you can charge via your smartphone.

Start Charging

3 Start Charging

If you are registered, identify yourself at our station with your charge card  or smartphone and start to charge. If you are not  yet registered, you can do so here. It is helpful to review these instructions before charging. Once registered you can monitor your account activity on the client zone.

Our Prices - for DC and AC recharging at GreenWay stations

Program ONE


*DC charging - high power and high speed charging at fast charging stations
*AC charging - at a wall box or the AC connector of a fast charger; the power is limited by the internal charger in the car

Prices for charging on the stations of our roaming partners around Europe are listed in our pricelist and on the roaming page.
All prices listed include VAT.



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For real time information on charger status, and to start/stop charging, please visit the maps in the driver zone.
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